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Shop with Purpose - how it works

Welcome to the Real World Store - a store which works in partnership with Explorers against Extinction (registered UK charity No 1177505) to support registered wildlife conservation charities and organisations including Save the Elephants and Save the Rhino International.

Here you'll find a small selection of lovely cotton Tshirts, hoodies, silver jewellery and other select items. Every time something is sold on the Real World Store,  a donation is made to wildlife conservation. That makes you feel good, and us too.

Tshirts for Change

Together we have the power to make a #RealDifference -  1000 elephant Tshirts will raise enough money to fund a team of anti-poaching rangers for Save the Elephants for one whole year; just one Animals Saving Animals Tshirt raises enough money to feed an anti-poaching dog for a week.

Please shop and please tell your friends about our store. 

Thank you.

For more information please visit the About Us page. 

Please note:

The price you see is the price you pay - shipping is included in the price shown so no nasty surprises at the check out. The donation level and the charity it is going to is specified on each product page. 



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