Rhino Bangle

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A chunky bangle handcrafted from snare wire removed from the bush.

By purchasing and wearing snare wire jewellery you will be helping to raise awareness about this brutal practice while supporting Explorers Against Extinction and its project partnerships. To find out more about our projects please click here.

A snare is a wire noose set to trap any animal or bird which crosses its path.

For the poacher, snaring presents low risk for high return. These rudimentary traps can be made cheaply and easily from readily available items such as wire, cable or rope. 

Snares are primarily set to catch wildlife for food. This food, known as 'bushmeat' is widely sold in markets across Africa & Asia. Although the target species for bushmeat poachers are usually antelope, wild pig and porcupine,  snaring is indiscriminate. It kills or injures a wide range of species including endangered species such as wild dogs, giraffe, elephant and lion in Africa, and tigers, bears and dholes in Asia.

Snaring kills tens of thousands of animals every year. It is one of the greatest threats to wildlife alongside habitat loss, hunting and human-wildlife conflict.


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