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Work with us - Become a Real World Ambassador

The Real World Store is dedicated to raising money for selected conservation projects including Save the Elephants and Animals Saving Animals. For every Tshirt sold a donation of £5 (25% of sale price) is made to the relevant charity. We don't just donate money but work with our charity partners to promote them through events and shows, enjoying an excellent working relationships with them.

By referring friends, colleagues and followers to the store you can make this donation even higher - £8 per shirt (40%) of sale price). Alternatively this additional money can be paid to you to pass onto another good cause of your choice - perhaps a school, a club or another charity. The choice is yours.

Its free to join, easy to do and can make a real difference. Every Tshirt sold donates enough to pay for an anti-poaching ranger for a day.

To become a Real World Ambassador, working for Save the Elephants and Animals Saving Animals, please click here. Its free, easy and can make a real difference.

How it works

The money that we would normally spend on advertising is simply added to the donation, letting you choose where it goes.

If you would like to be involved in our scheme simply sign up here. You will be allocated your own unique login that will give you real time information, including:

1. What people you have referred have purchased.

2. The amount of donations you have earned for the conservation charities or your school/club/association.

What you do

When you sign up and login to your admin area you will be given a link to our store home page. You can also create your own links to specific pages if you wish to talk about one particular charity.

All you need to do, is tell people about the
store, giving them your link to click through to it. If they buy
something within 30 days their purchase(s) will be logged in your admin

The easiest way is to simply post the link, together with some words of explanation and encouragement, on your Facebook page. (There is a links in your admin area that allows you post/tweet etc very easily). If you look in the "Creatives" section there are photos you can use.

We take care of all money processing and sending out the Tshirts. It's as simple as that.

At the end of every month you can see how much money you have raised and will get a donation confirmation certificate, or the money will be paid to you to pass on to your own good causes. Raise more than £100 in donations (13 Tshirts) for Save the Elephants and receive a signed thank you card from Saba Douglas-Hamilton, a Director of the Charity. Raise more than £100 in donations for Animals Saving Animals and receive a signed thank you card from Daryll Pleasants, chief dog trainer of Animals Saving Animals.

To sign up as a Real World Ambassador click here.  Its free, easy and can make a difference.

If you have any additional questions about becoming a Real World Ambassador, please e-mail me at and we will be delighted to hear from you.