Explorers against Extinction

Explorers against Extinction is a wildlife conservation charity based in Norfolk UK. The primary aims of the charity are to raise awareness about the threats facing the world’s most iconic species and their habitats while also raising significant funds for nominated projects pivotal in the battle to protect them. 
Connecting with everyday explorers
We are all explorers – you may choose to explore from an armchair watching a wildlife documentary,  or perhaps you prefer to curl up with a good book by your favourite travel writer.  Maybe you enjoy experiencing the world first-hand or exploring your local countryside or beach. However you choose to explore, the world has never been more accessible or more in need of positive action.

Despite many encouraging developments in the world of conservation since we initially launched Explorers against Extinction,  including China’s ban on the trade in ivory, many iconic species sadly still face a battle for survival.
All five species of rhino remain endangered, with three rhino poached for their horn every day. 40% of lion have been lost in the last 20 years while only 4,000 tigers are left in the Indian sub-continent – down from 40,000 a half century ago. Elephants are currently slaughtered for their ivory at a rate of 55 a day. That’s one every 26 minutes.
Col Blashford Snell & Sir Ranulph Fiennes at the RGS for Explorers against Extinction.

""I'm pleased to support the Explorers against Extinction campaign. Species extinction is such a vital issue."
Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE

"One of the most important conservation events of the year."
Travel Africa Magazine
An annual element of Explorers against Extinction is our touring wildlife art exhibition called Sketch for Survival. 
Sketch for Survival 2017 exhibition poster.
Find out more about Sketch for Survival here. 
Explorers against Extinction 2017 Results
  • Fully equipped Dog Squad donated to Rhino Conservation Botswana

"Next summer, two highly trained rhino protection dogs will join our monitoring teams and the government’s Anti-Poaching Unit on special patrols. They will be the first K9 (canine) team to work as ‘rhino guardians’ in Botswana. The dogs and their specialist training were kindly donated by the Real Africa Trust and Animals Saving Animals. We know that the creation of a specialist RCB Dog Squad will make it much harder for wildlife criminals to evade detection. There is no escaping the nose!" 

Map Ives, Director, Rhino Conservation Botswana.


  • Funding for the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant rescue, rehabilitation and release programme, Kenya

"I wanted to reach out to thank you most sincerely for all your hard work towards making the Explorers against Extinction event, and the Sketch for Survival auction such a success.  That a figure of £17,450 was raised for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has far exceeded all our expectations and we cannot thank you enough for all your hard work in making it such a success, and for bearing such positive news. We are so deeply touched that the work of the DSWT was chosen to be supported, and that the whole event and auction was so generously embraced, resulting in some much needed funds for DSWT. " 

Angela Sheldrick, CEO, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

 Explorers against Extinction Trustee Sara meeting with Angela Sheldrick at DSWT in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Fully equipped and trained tracking dog for Ol Pejeta, Laikipia, Kenya

"Thank you so much for your efforts – they are much appreciated." 

Richard Vigne, CEO Ol Pejeta Conservancy

  • Exposure for Animals saving Animals, trainers of the Dog Squads.

"I would like to thank everybody involved with the Explorers against Extinction campaign and all the artists and supporters who donated to the Sketch for Survival exhibition. Being invited to speak at the Explorers night at the Royal Geographical Society was an amazing platform for us. To share that stage with Sir Ranulph Fiennes was an honour. Over the four months of the campaign we also received a huge amount of exposure, with articles in several magazines, newspapers such as the Daily Mail and invitations to county shows and travel exhibitions. Many thanks."

Daryll Pleasants, Founder, Animals saving Animals.

Explorers against Extinction Youth Ambassadors pictured with anti-poaching pup Savas at the Hatfield Game Fair with Animals saving Animals in July 2017

Explorers against Extinction 2018 Results

In 2018 we donated funds to three projects:

  • $50,000 to African Parks to establish a new anti-poaching canine unit in Garamba National Park DRC
  • $2,000 to the Sheldrick Trust for elephant rescue and rehabilitation
  • $8,000 to Fauna & Flora International to purchase essential kit for Tiger Conservation and Protection Units in Sumatra.