The Scottish Wildcat

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Original artwork kindly donated to Sketch for Survival by Sadie Aston

Oil on Canvas

29 cm x 42 cm

My piece, as the title implies, is of the endangered Scottish Wildcat. I chose this animal as I wanted to focus on an animal that many are not aware is endangered. I was inspired through educating myself on the various animals I myself was not aware were at risk of becoming extinct. Through my work I wanted to convey how humans are more dangerous than the animals we harm and murder on a daily basis. On the exterior we are confronted with a dangerous wild animal, but on the inside they are merely scared and vulnerable, echoing this feeling through the use of a black background to isolate the animal. I hope through my work, the audience are able to put themselves in the shoes of The Scottish Wildcat, who is often overlooked.

Sadie is a multi disciplined artist focusing specifically on Drawing and Painting. Her concepts are based around the anthropocene and socio- environmental issues surrounding it. She approaches her work with a realistic style combined with varying textures to intentionally shock an audience once the theme is revealed through the use of a title.

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