Where the Sumatran Tiger strolls

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Original artwork kindly donated to Sketch for Survival by Rebecca Spencer

Acrylic paint and fine tip pen

29 cm x 42 cm

The painting depicts a Sumatra Tiger prowling the remaining forestation of Indonesia at night time. As the smallest surviving Tiger subspecies, deforestation, wild fires and poaching have had a devastating effect on the beautiful creatures. To capture the sadness, fear and beauty of the Tiger, the animal encompasses most of the page, with just the outline of burnt trees in the background and reflected in his eyes.

A mid twenties creative from London, working full time in marketing in the sporting industry and part time on illustration and art. As Graphic Design graduate and University of the Creative Arts ex-student, I have developed my practice over the years, both pen and paintbrush to paper and digitally. My medium is usually pen and ink, creating detailed animal drawings, but I have moved on to and started experimenting with acrylic paint, the colours and layers that can be created by paint fascinate me. I am working on building my artistic side hustle and brand to coincide with my full time job. I have always loved and been surrounded by animals, growing up volunteering at my local stables and travelling to Australia to work on a farm, I spent a large proportion of my time travelling and have such a love for learning and exploring!

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