Natures wonder...Chameleon (Furcifer minor)

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Original artwork kindly donated to Sketch for Survival by Millie Drew Sims

Oil and water colour on paper

29 cm x 42 cm

My inspiration for this art work was my love of the Chameleons. I first saw one in a zoo which on one hand made me so happy to see this beautiful creature but made me very sad it was not home in the wild. I since found out that many chameleons are listed as endangered which broke my heart. I wished to raise the awarness of this amazing creature and that it is really struggling in numbers. I first drew the lesser chameleon that is found in Madagascar in pen giving it shape and texture. I then painted in water colour and oil paint to show the amazing array of pattern and colour. I wanted it to show the fun and happy side to this little creature by creating a fun painting.

Hi Im Millie, a 10 year old girl who loves art. I am passionate about being creative whether it is painting, drawing, collage or just sewing fun animal finger puppets for my cousin. But more importantly I love animals in all shapes and sizes. Im a keen follower of whats going on in the world regarding climate change and animal welfare. I want to be a marine biologist when I grow up.

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