Red-headed Vulture

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Original artwork kindly donated to Sketch for Survival by Lucy Gaston

Coloured Pencil

21 cm x 29 cm

My grandfather is a keen bird watcher and had worked with the National Trust for years and even to this day! Throughout my childhood he taught me about birds and how important and amazing these creatures are. Through research I had noticed many birds are close to extinction. My grandfather told me the consequences pesticide can have towards birds. This is why I have dedicated my piece to my grandfather. His knowledge of birds and love for the wildlife has inspired me to create a simple piece of a stunning bird that is now close to extinction due to our careless man-made mistakes.

Lucy Gaston is a final year Graphic Design and Illustration Student at Ulster University Belfast. She is majoring in illustration and has developed and created a various range of art skills and techniques. Lucy can change between hyper realism art to abstract illustrative art to suit any project. She enjoys the traditional forms of artwork such as paint and pencil and has learned to expand her knowledge through animated Gifs.

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