Hippo and Her Baby

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Original artwork kindly donated to Sketch for Survival by Liza Donoghue


30 cm x 25 cm

I have loved hippos since my travels in Africa These huge, magnificent river horses are at home in the water, gracefully running on the riverbed, as they are on land at night eating grass. Female hippos calf every two or three years but always remain close to their older children.

I picked up my paints again after a colourful career, four children and two foster children. Now I sell my work and take commissions. Painting animals is my passion. Being chosen to paint a Gromit in Bristols famous Wallace and Gromit Trail was thrilling. My Gromit portrayed 26 endangered animals.

Items usually despatched within 3-8 working days. Price includes VAT and UK postage. International postage charged at £5 - please enquire. Artwork sold unframed. Mock Up images not to scale. All profits donated to Explorers Against Extinction (registered UK charity No 1177505).