Color in the Sea

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Original artwork kindly donated to Sketch for Survival by Jacey Chen


21 cm x 29 cm

My inspiration, interestingly enough, stemmed from a stuffed animal I bought at a zoo. While thinking of a wildlife animal to paint the stuffed animal helped me resolve my problem. Turtles have been a sort of trend this past year though peoples actions towards the joke may not be genuine, extinct turtle species are still a problem. I wanted to portray these turtles as beautiful and important, they are the color to our seas and are incredibly important to our ecosystem. However, like in the painting, their color is fading. The turtles in general are starting to piece off. The color in our seas are about to disappear their splashes of color shedding into the ocean.

I am currently a high-school student exploring the possibilities of color and ways to catch people's attention while still being creative. I have been creating (from arts and crafts to models) ever since I could remember and plan to enforce and enhance my skills to use them to better future. I want to be able to portray artistic skill as not an ability to copy off reality but an ability that lets artists bend reality to our will.

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