A Plea in the Eyes

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Original artwork kindly donated to Sketch for Survival by Hayley Everitt


29 cm x 42 cm

This is a Sumatran Orangutan and currently on the critically endangered list. I referenced a number of photos with the intention to explore and capture their personality, starting with the eyes. Their expressions are gentle, honest and almost heart breaking. It is as though they are pleading for our help.

I am an Australian born hobby artist with a passion for pencil, oils, gouache and digital art. With a love of wildlife and the ocean, I have an appreciation for pieces which take time, detail and patience, with intention of communicating a story my audience will remember.

Items usually despatched within 3-8 working days. Price includes VAT and UK postage. International postage charged at £5 - please enquire. Artwork sold unframed. Mock Up images not to scale. All profits donated to Explorers Against Extinction (registered UK charity No 1177505).