Cruising Scalloped Hammerhead

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Original artwork kindly donated to Sketch for Survival by Alison Camacho

Mixed media - spray paint, acrylic paint, mica pigments, alcohol inks, mirror pieces, glass chips, beads, artists clay, acrylic skins and epoxy-resin. MDF board is the substrate.

29 cm x 42 cm

The scalloped hammerhead shark is endangered. They are migratory but they prefer coastal warm, tropical seas. My Cruising Scalloped Hammerhead shows its characteristic wide head and the resin medium really shows the depth of the water as its tail flicks behind it. The liquid nature of its home shows in the texture of the liquid resin.

I am a self-taught resin artist based in Bristol UK. I specialise in geode and astronomy art but I am beginning to spread my wings into other aspects of art, including creating art to help protect endangered species.

Items usually despatched within 3-8 working days. Price includes VAT and UK postage. International postage charged at £5 - please enquire. Artwork sold unframed. Mock Up images not to scale. All profits donated to Explorers Against Extinction (registered UK charity No 1177505).