Walking With Elephants

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Original artwork kindly donated to Sketch for Survival by Ali Stokes

Coloured Pencil on Polydraw Drafting Film

21 cm x 29 cm

Elephants are amongst my favourite animals, with their intelligence, family bonds and ability to show empathy towards dying or dead family members. The Matriarch of the family groups fascinates me, with her opposing strength yet gentleness with her group. I wanted to depict these characteristics through my drawing, showing the respected Matriarch leading the females and calves through the African Savannah in search of water and food, and the care that the family members show each other. Reference photo by Paul Fine (with permission). These beautiful creatures do not deserve to be poached and hunted inhumane and unscrupulous humans to the point of extinction!

Retired Primary teacher, who has rekindled my love of art. I also love wildlife and nature and have recently begun to photograph the local wildlife as well as enjoying trying to depict the character and behaviours of animals through drawing. I am not a professional artist, I just enjoy the process.

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