Rare beauties

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Original artwork kindly donated to Sketch for Survival by Aimee Johnson

Oil pastels and water colour

21 cm x 29 cm

It includes 3 species - Galapagos sea lion, the spinx macaw and a koala bear. I wanted to feature an animal from each element - air,earth and water and display them majestically together in a unique manner. Ensuring all attention is on these gorgeous creatures.

I am passionate about animals and art. I believe it is important to protect the earths animals as they are a key part in keeping a balanced eco system. We are sometimes the cause of the endangerment of animals all over the world, due to over fishing and using the nets to fish. Illegally capturing and selling exotic birds. Using animals for medicines that have not been proven to work. Deforestation and the growth of our carbon footprint creating global warming causing mass forest fires. I believe we have used the earths resources and have been selfish, not thinking about the animals that need certain things to live and survive. I have tried to capture all my passion about this injustice in my work but I worked even harder for the person looking at it can see the beauty in the animals we need to protect.

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